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Nomura Duo Co. Ltd. (hereinafter our company) will handle the entered personal information as follows.

  1. 1.What the personal information will be used for
    The personal information will only be used for replying to enquiries or requests for information materials.
  2. 2.Providing personal information to a third party
    Our company will not give a third party access to personal information without prior consent.
  3. 3.Necessity of providing personal information
    Whether or not to provide us with personal information is left to the judgement of the individual. However, if a part of the information cannot be provided, we may not be able to reply to enquiries adequately.
  4. 4.The right to issue complaints or consultation of the disclosure of personal information
    In regards to the personal information we obtain, the persons concerned will have the right to be notified of the purpose of use, disclosure, addition or deletion, usage cancellation, make claims of exposure to third parties and issue complaints or consultation of personal information usage.
  5. 5.How to enquire into personal information matters
    The following department will take responsibility for any enquiries pertaining to personal information.
  6. Company:Nomura Duo Personal Information Protection Control Office
    Address:136-0082 2-2-1 Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Tel No.:03-5569-1300 (rep number)
Private Information Protection Control Control Dept. General Manager