Usage Regulations/Disclaimers

The Nomura Duo website ( hereinafter our site) is operated by Nomura Duo Co. Ltd. (hereinafter our company).  Website users shall observe the following usage regulations (hereinafter regulations).  We shall view users who use the site as having acknowledged the regulations and disclaimers.

Website Usage Regulations

1. Concerning Links
Precautions when creating links are as follows.
  1. (A)

    When using the URL clearly state that it is Nomura Duo’s website.  Please be aware that the URL may change or that the operation of the site may be terminated.

  2. (B)

    We do not allow links that may damage the trust of our company.

  3. (C)

    Please be aware that website content many be changed or terminated without warning.

2. Intellectual Property Rights
We do not claim responsibility for any other websites which can be accessed from our website.  We do not promote other websites which are linked to our site or do we take responsibility for content or usage of the linked sites.
  1. <Condition 1> The material is to be used only for individual use and not to be used for commercial use.
  2. <Condition 2> All the copyrights and intellectual property right marks in the original material are to be included in copies.
All trademarks and service marks are owned by Nomura Duo or the company’s constituent members.  They are to be licensed or used based on above rights.  Any use without knowledge or copying of the information is forbidden.


We do not take any responsibility for any trouble or damage caused by the use of our site or any of the posted information.

1. Concerning the Use of Information
The information on the company’s website is provided as a service by Nomura Duo or its representatives.  It is not to be used as an information source to decide on investments etc.  We are careful to provide the latest and most appropriate information, however, we cannot assure the accuracy or the completeness of the data.  Therefore, we do not take responsibility for the result of any information used off this website.
2. Use of Website by Third Parties
We do not claim responsibility for any website that is connected to our website.  Any links to our website does not mean we promote that website and we do not take responsibility for the use of their contents or service.
3. Concerning Change of Content or Operation Termination
All information on the website can be changed without warning.  Please be also aware that the operation of the site can also be terminated at any time without forewarning.  We will not take responsibility for any problems that arise from the change of content or operation termination.


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