Brand Promotion

We offer design and production work to effectively convey the brand image and product. Nomura Duo also has the management strength to develop projects on a nationwide scale. Our promotional vision doesn’t stop at just making things, but includes total support of ‘on site’ development.

■ Realizing "Koto/Value-based Creation" from "Ba/Space"

As spatial revitalization professionals, we will respond to all the needs of customers from "mono/object creation or manufacturing" which we specialize in to “koto/value-based creation” in which value is added to further enhance promotional campaign and event experiences.

"You too are a skin tone artist"

In addition to event venue decorations for Clinique, we were requested to plan a Fall-Winter display for their latest foundation lineup. The promotional plan that was devised combined the features of the ten multicolor new product with seasonal impressions under the theme "You too are a skin tone artist" to appeal to the millennial generation. Theme-based eye-catching designs were developed for the fixtures, sales promotion tools and venue design.

ESTÉE LAUDER GROUP CLINIQUE "You too are a skin tone artist"

● Examples of other event venue designs, construction and tool production

  • ●その他のイベント会場設計、施工、ツール制作事例
  • ●その他のイベント会場設計、施工、ツール制作事例
  • ●その他のイベント会場設計、施工、ツール制作事例

Scope of work

  • Research / Planning
  • Design
  • Production / Construction